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Image (images) print on canvas

   Thanks to new technologies, almost every family has photography’s in their computers or in other digital gadgets. Maybe it is time for your best pictures to appear in the world with new, unusual look. Our Internet shop recommends you popular favor, photography’s on the canvas.


   You are able to send us every photo you want, or you like the most in the formats JPEG or TIF and after some time you will get really great looking picture, printed on canvas.


   Quality of picture will depend on resolution of photography. The more pixels picture will have the more possibility your picture will have good quality.


There are two types of canvas which is suggested:


  1. Canvas which is pull on the wooden frame. Under frame is made of a natural wood. The ply is 2 cm. Price  6€/m2
  2. Canvas glued on the pasteboard. You are put on frame on the cloth. You can choose a frame in the section „Rėmeliai“. Cloth price 65€/m2    .This price is without frame.



Delivery cost: 4 -  5