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All reproductions are gathered in our Lithuanian version of Internet shop. Please, press button here .


    iremintas pg ru All reproductions are produces in Europe, in high quality with wooden frames, picked by designers. If you press on chosen picture you will get more detailed information about reproduction, price in litas ( with VAT) and frame code. Notice, that there are many reproductions which are the same size, but in different price. It depends on the frame.

On the right of every catalog, there are examples of standard frames. Always be careful in choosing reproductions as they are different.


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  новая коллекция црп

Paintings are made on a high quality paper with dye which is sprayed with varnish.






                                               Copies of Gustav Klimt

Danae (fragment) Masterpieces of the great Austrian artist Gustav Klimt are very coloured and have extraordinary style of painting. Paintings of Klimt attracted much attention of art lovers of all over the world. Handmade copies of Klimts paintings have high quality of work.

All paintings are made with oil dye on the canvas with frame. Frames are decorated in association with dominant color in painting. Frame goes with the same price as the whole painting.